Blankets, Craig Thompson

Title: Blankets

Author: Craig Thompson

Editor: Top shelf production

Year: 2003

Genre: graphic novel

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Have you ever been lost? Have you ever been in love?

This book deals with those questions in a different way. It is about everything that a teenager or a young adult has to face, still there is a constant fact in the main character’s journey which is religion.

Religion is discussed in the novel in a critic way. Craig, the main character, was born in a strict catholic family and religion was always present in his life (school, after school, family).

As Craig grows, everything became uncertain and he tries to understand why love can not be respectful with his religion. So we see him falling in love with a girl but not enjoying his relationship at the fullest because everyone around him make him choose between being a good catholic and a normal relationship.

As I said before is not everything about the love story but are discussed huge topics too, such as autism. In fact, Craig’s girlfriend has to take care of her sister which is effected by this disease. Another big problem which is shown in the novel is being poor, something that Craig and his be loved brother have to face since their childhood.

This novel may be so pure and realistic at the same time because it’s in someway an autobiography of the author himself who has experience loss and confusion during his life.

I have never been a huge fan of graphic novels in general but everyone has basically told be to give this book a chance not only for the story but for the sketches too. Beautiful drawings with a minimalism style that can describe eroticism scene and mental breakdown in a unique way.

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Finally I hope you liked my review and you get the chance to read this graphic novel.

Let me know if you like the book and you agree or disagree with me.

Lots of love